FMA works with an open mind, daily striving to find new ways and simple answers to complex problems, through a clever mix of standardization and customization. Innovation is a great component of our intangible capital, the pride of our brand, the passion that drives us to find new solutions to unsolved problems.

Our innovations are born from the need to solve operational aspects identified as bottlenecks for our clients; slow and inefficient processes that involve a high-risk to their workers.

Innovations can involve brand new designs or variations of the equipment we manufacture.

Among totally new concepts developed by FMA, we can mention the Shaft Extractors for mining shovels, the Extractors for the Pin connecting the bucket with the arm of the mining blades, the Nut Extractor for the tires of the mobile mining equipment, among others.

Among variations of existing concepts, we can mention the Integrated Cable Reeler developed by FMA.

When listening to one of our large mining clients, we say the following:

“Today, the essential thing for us is to optimize the tasks of handling and extraction of the axes of rotation of the giant blades, being fundamental the safety of our workers, the efficient execution of this task and the productivity of our maintenance lines” FMA visualized the complexity of this task and took the challenge of innovating in this regard; for which he designed and manufactured the MEG 2500 equipment that fully meets this problem.

This equipment is positioned under the blades and removes the axes in an efficient and safe way to be manipulated remotely by a remote control. It has an automated platform that allows workers from there to anchor the extraction tower that pulls the shovel axis simply, quickly and safely.

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