Rolling Steel Cables using Mining Shovels

Product description

CRC 150

System for rolling steel cables used by the mining shovels, with a capacity of 150 meters.

Steel cables are used for lifting the buckets. Given the intensity use of the shovels in extraction jobs, cables must be changed even before their lifetime has ended.

Given the amount of cable falling into disuse is considerable through time, areas for discarded cable generate real cemeteries, with the great environmental impact. It is necessary handle the cables in disuse on a safe way. To solve this situation FMA has successfully developed an equipment to manipulate the cable, roll it and transform it into a compact and safe roll. This rolling equipment for steel cables works autonomously, not depending on an equipment carrier and having a diesel engine that provides the required power. The carrier equipment is a truck, only used to transport it to the work area as required.

Important parts of the Rolling Equipment for Steel Cables are:

  • Power pack: Diesel engine to power the hydraulic circuit.
  • Articulated Crane: Crane required to take the cable to be put in  between the cones to start rolling and to remove the roll and place it on the floor or on a truck to be transported.
  • Roller cones:  Powered by hydraulic motor, which rotate at the same time. Each cone is supported by a parallel link arm. The arm can separate cones and catch the cable to start rolling. Afterwards, it allows the roll to be released.
  • Working platform: Collapsible Platform that allows the operator to start rolling the cable and to remove it once the task is performed.

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