Energized Cable Reeler

Product description

CRL 500

This equipment is used to feed with additional cable energized to the shovels and drillers that operate in mining. Thus it is achieved that these devices significantly improve productivity to be fed electrically into higher operating radius of 500 meters. It has a winding reel with live wire from the power supply and another driver reel that feeds the equipment in moving. This increased autonomy implies significantly improving productivity, lowering operating costs and profitability of the mining equipment of high investment.

Given the high voltage driven by the cable reeler FMA, this equipment is commanded by remote control to distance in order to avoid any risk to the physical integrity of workers. This cable reel operates autonomously, capturing the energy from the same feeding cable, after passing through incorporated transformer which lowers the voltage to 380 V (power substation delivery that can range from 2000-25000 V).

These cable energized reel can operate parked, suspended in the same shovel or given its type skid base, being towed by a cable.

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