About Us

During 28 years we have worked tirelessly, quietly, step by step conquering the world’s most important mining markets, without ever leaving our focus of innovation , always committed to work with our customers.

In FMA, originally Imac Ventures SA, we investigate, design and develop products that provide tailored solutions to large mining conglomerates and their network of contractors, through a full line of major auxiliary equipment, utility vehicles and special tools for high operational efficiency and long life, all with a strong engineering base and a high quality standard.

We are known for constantly listening to our customers, all leaders in their areas, understanding they are the people who know best the needs of mechanization, automation and improvements in safety standards requirement.

In recent years we have experienced significant growth, which exceeded all our expectations, thanks to an internal engineering development, purchase of technology licenses abroad and our ability to make agreements with major manufacturers of earthmoving equipment , such Komatsu and Caterpillar, providing them special attachments that complement its bid, being ourselves OEM (original equipment manufacturer) of their supply. Also manufacturing new major auxiliary equipment and utility vehicles designed to mechanize and automate various tasks undertaken by mining or specialized contractors.

Our product line has been internationalized across five continents: America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania, arriving to countries like USA, Canada, China, Mongolia, Mauritania, Namibia, France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, among others. Soon we hope to sign distribution agreements with Agents or Rep. in new countries such as Indonesia,, Australia, South Africa, Mexico and India.

But beyond the commercial success, which is based on our belief that innovation is only possible in dialogue with customers, what really proud us is to design and manufacture capital goods of high technology, efficiency and long life useful, which are exported worldwide.