Reeler / Cable Integrated Manipulator
02 April, 2014

Sale of new and innovative equipment Cables Integrated Manipulator, developed by FMA, Codelco Chuquicamata (two units), Antamina Peru (one unit) and Inser for Codelco’s Ministro Hales (one unit)!.

In our ongoing quest to innovate and create solutions for improvement of our existing equipment for specific tasks, we have developed the integrated reel, consisting of a spool system reel hinged to a front loader and an independent telescopic swivel arm attached to the charger body, operated by remote control. This ensures that the cable can be placed on the parapet arm rotated through 110 ° and an area of ​​7 meters without the need to orient the equipment carrier during travel to help place the cable over the parapet. Thus charger only moves parallel to the parapet, and ensures a safe, reliable and efficient operation.