Truck-Mounted Cable Reeler

Product description

CRH450 / CRH900

The CRH450 equipment manufactured by Fma is mounted on a truck with one Cable Reeler with a capacity of 450 meters. This truck has a workstation, with a reel which is rotated by a hydraulic motor to deliver or collect the cable. In the back it has a positioning arm to manipulate the cable. At the same time, the workstation can rotate in the horizontal plane with a turntable

This model could have a second reel of 450 meters, located next to the cabin of the truck, in order to manage extra cable capacity, becoming a CRH900 model. Between the two reels, an articulated crane is placed, which is used to interchange the reels between the two stations or just go up and down the reels. The workstation has a cabin for an operator to maneuver the cable. Nevertheless, the system has a remote control, so that the operator can command the equipment with it.